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My Home Group
My Gabrielle
My wife
Picture of
    My Dog, Homer, the BoSox fan
My dog
Homer. 1986-2002
May he rest in peace.

Proud Daddy with his girls.
Rhiannon's page
Rhiannon Elizabeth
born 7/12/99
Adrienne's page
Adrienne Christine
born Sept. 8, 2000

My Web sites

Info Roto League OH! : Rotisserie league
C++Builder : development environment support page
Our home in Medford
The Wargamer : a web site about simulation gaming
SimBase : an online wargame database
Rhiannon : the elder daughter
Adrienne : the younger daughter

My Blogs

A Trifle One-Sided : My Vox blog, where I'm writing out movies, music and books
Daemon Dancing in the Dark : A FreeBSD blog, where I talk about working with FreeBSD
Toys in the Attic : My Bloglines blog and blogroll
The Game Chair : A video game review site

These are blogs that I don't really keep up any more:

The Incredible Brightness of Seeing : A home theater / movie blog
Wanderings of a Lost [game] Mind : My Gamespot journal, where I record my computer game time
Jiggle the Handle : a diary blog, where I recount the fascinating details of my life and thoughts (on hold)
Lifetime Reading Plan : my reading habits, especially in regards to The Lifetime Reading Plan, a great book listing great books


DG (Display Gif) - a real simple freeware GIF viewer.

Sportscenter ALCS Top 10 (2.1mb) : The ESPN Sportscenter ALCS Top 10, from October 21, 2004.

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Here's the girl's Christmas 2002 picture. Click on it for a full 800x600 version:

Favorite Links

Stroud's CWSApps List - Where to look for Win32 Internet apps
Boston.com - From the Boston Globe, the place to look for Boston information
vmyths.com - where computer virus hysteria gets explained
snopes.com - Urban Legends Reference Pages; check it before forwarding any email!

Look up a word in the Mirriam-Webster dictionary or thesaurus!


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Our personal weather station page
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